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Francis Has A Kinky Four Ramrod Orgy!

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Francis had invited a few of his friends over for a get together but little did he realize that the get together was going to turn in to a lot more than just a few beers. Francis was already a little tipsy by the time his buddies showed up and it didn’t take more than a […]

Chaz Has Some Barebacking Fun

Posted by adonis11

Chaz had never even seen Jeff before but when they met at a mutual friend’s Halloween party the two of them got to talking and realized that they actually had quite a lot in common. The more they talked the more they drank and soon enough all inhibitions went out of the window and the […]

Luis Teases Cowboy Cock

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Luis had been working on the farm for just about as long as he could remember and one of his favorite activities aside from working was breaking in the new farm hands. Luis got to have a say in who got hired and who didn’t so whenever he interviewed a new farm hand he made […]

Brad and Mark Get Nice-looking

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Brad and Mark had agreed to teach together for an upcoming marathon. Neither of them were particularly throbbing runners, in fact neither of them actually liked to run but they thought that it’d be a fun project to undertake together so they set about putting a plan together to start training for their upcoming marathon. […]

Eric Takes A Chunky Cock

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Eric has never been the kind of man to pick up dates in bars and he is certainly not the kind of boy to fuck on the first date but when he met Ben at his favorite bar one night he couldn’t help himself. At first the two of them just chatted but as they […]

Ashton and Anthony Get Naughty

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Ashton had always had a thing for Anthony but Anthony was confused about where he stood. Anythony knew that the sight of a chunky meaty ramrod made him ache, made his own penis rock solid and made him want to spread his legs and beg to get pounded but he wasn’t sure that he could […]

Thomas Gets Gay Lessons

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Thomas and Henry had been having some trouble lately, they just couldn’t get on to the same page as far as bedroom activities. One night when their neighbor and good friend Jim was over the two of them ended up drinking a little too much and opening up to Jim about their trouble in the […]

Midnight Blowjob

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Tad had been driving downtown on the lookout for someone to pick up and take back home for a little “no strings attached” kind of fun. He had yet to see any guys that suited his liking but when he drove past an alley he did see two fellows beating up a third boy. Tad […]

Tony Gets His Cock Sucked

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Tony had been staying at his buddy’s house for a week after his house had to be fumigated and while he had known Jerry for a while he was also a little nervous about staying with his gay best friend. Tony had never liked cock, he’d never even tried rod but he was glamorous sure […]